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Math Poster Text Customisation, and Quality.
All text on Mathsoul printed mathematics posters is customised to the language usage of the country being supplied. This includes (metric or imperial units, spelling of math posters or maths posters, color or colour etc, and currency symbol i.e. $, £, €).

Three Dynamic Series of Mathsoul Posters on Mathematics
Engaging Mathsoul mathematics posters are available in the three series shown in the 3 columns in this table.

Poster Series
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Well-Said Series

My-Story Series

Face-Lifter Series

One Example Poster From the Series.   Mathsoul Maths Well-Said Quotation Posters Usefulness Mysterious Mathsoul Zina Algebra graphs Maths Posters Mathsoul Face-Lifter Motivational Coffee Theorems Maths Posters

Poster Series Overview

  Engaging graphic linked to a math quote ( motivational, humorous,or insightfull) worthy of student reflection.

Young adult image, with detail on how classroom mathematics helps the person shown succeed at work- & student questions.

Up-close face to capture attention, closer inspection, and to then provoke thought about a related topic in mathematics.

Posters in Series   5



Sets of 5 Posters
(for price of 4)

  Set A Well-Said

Starter-Set My-Story

2nd-Set My-Story

Single Posters Only

Math Poster Quality and Value.
All Mathsoul math posters & maths posters are printed using durable pigmented inks, and are factory pre-laminated on both surface faces - ready for immediate use by busy mathematics teachers. Expect no less!

Math Poster Sizes.
Mathsoul Posters are available in a wide size range, with the size names indicating normal application. When supplied to the USA (United States) they are shipped in ANSI sizes, and when to other countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore etc) in metric sizes. The most popular poster sizes include:

  • Cluster - in metric this is A3 (~197 x 420mm), and in USA ANSI system this is ledger tabloid ANSI B (~ 11" x 17")
  • Compact Classroom - in metric this is A2 (~ 420 x 590mm), and in the USA ANSI system this is ANSI C ( ~ 18" x 24").
  • Classroom Feature - in metric this is A1 (~ 590 x 840mm), and in the USA ANSI system this is ANSI D ( ~ 22" x 34").
  • Large Classroom - in metric this is A0 (~ 840 x 1180mm), and in the USA ANSI system this is ANSI E ( ~ 34" x 44").

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Featured Math Quotes Posters

Mathsoul Well-Said Math Quotation Posters - Now Available as a Set of 5

Math Posters

  Mathsoul Maths is the queen of the sciences Well-Said Maths Posters Gauss  

Mathsoul Usefulness Mysterious Gigner Well-Said Maths Posters

Mathsoul Octonians Well-Said Maths Posters Stewart i complex numbers octonians symmetry Mathsoul Chocolate Well-Said Maths Posters Sequences Series Mathsoul Sophia Kovalevskaya Poetry Saturn Well-Said Maths Posters Mathsoul Maths is the queen of the sciences Well-Said Maths Posters Gauss
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These 5 original Mathsoul posters feature engaging images to capture teenagers' attention - and related math quotes or quotations. The math quotes span from the 1800's to 2008, and are motivational, humorous, insightfull or in some other way worthy of student reflection and a place on the mathematics classroom wall - for more info see below.

Poster Sizes


Full Set of 5 Posters







17" x 11"

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18" x 24"
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22" x 34"

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34" x 44"
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For price information and purchasing in other currencies other than US Dollars e.g. British Pounds, Euro, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Chinese Yuan, set preferred currency in the left hand menu at the Mathsoul Postershop.

  • Usefulness. ' The enormous usefulness of math ... is bordering on the mysterious ' Wigner 1960. An opportunity to discuss whether math is discovered or invented.
  • Octonians. ' Its an Octonic World ' from Why Beauty is Truth; A history of Symmetry by world-famous mathematician Ian Stewart 2008
  • Chocolate. ' Eat one, you'll want two more.  Eat two, you'll crave another four.  Eat four - well you do the math ' Fryin 2005. Great for demonstrating to the class aspects of eating choclate and sequences and series.
  • Poet. 'It is impossible to be a mathematician without being a poet in soul.' Sofia Kovalevskaya 1880's. Also some brief details on world-famous Sofia.
  • Queen. ' Math is the Queen of the Sciences ' Gauss 1800's. Staking the claim!

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Latest News on Maths Posters, Math Posters


Math Posters
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Mathsoul Math Posters Most Recent News

August 12 2013   Well over 1,000 mathematics classroms around the world (in over 12 countries) are now estimated to be featuring Mathsoul mathematics posters - helping to engagne and energize students. Pricing revised again to adjust for the effects of currency fluctuations.
2012   A first Interactive Poster designed by Michael Merbovig has been added to the site, and will be followed by others.
April 28 2010   Web content ( has been reviewed and upgraded, and pricing adjusted for the effects of currency fluctuations.
Mar 24 2009   Maths Coaching UK. An interesting UK company with a web presence is offering quality maths tuition in Stourbridge and other centres near Birmingham. Also a relatively inexpensive GCSE Maths Revision DVD.
Feb 21 2009  

New Mathsoul Maths Posters Websites

A new Mathsoul website has been activated today to completment the existing site. The new sites is:

and is designed to service maths teachers needs for posters in the UK

This site had a unique front page(s) with tabbed information and maths posters products and special offers of regional importance, and then links to the main global Mathsoul Math Posters & Maths Posters shop where all poster products can be browsed and currency can be set according to the customer's wish.

Feb 10 2009

Mathsoul Maths is the queen of the sciences Well-Said Maths Posters Gauss

New Math Posters Set.

Now also the Mathsoul Well-Said math posters (and maths posters) are available as a set of 5 mathematics posters for the price of 4. These posters feature quotes or quotations on math. They are typically motivational. This set is known as Set A Well-Said Math Posters.

Feb 10 2009
Mathsoul Usefulness Mysterious Gigner Well-Said Maths Posters
New Well-Said Math Quote Poster.

A fifth Mathsoul Well-Said math quote poster has been released. It is called Enormous Usefulness, and has the famous text "The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious" - relating to whether mathematics has been discovered or invented. This quote is from Nobel Laureate, Eugene P Wigner, 1960.

Dec 8 2009 Mathsoul Usefulness Mysterious Gigner Well-Said Maths Posters

New Free Math Posters, Maths Posters - Equations, Graphs, Sequences & Series, Statistics Curve Fitting Cubic, Logarithm, Power Curve, Calculus, Differentation, Minimum

Lynda-Anne GIB Clicks and Polynomials, the thirteenth Mathsoul My-Story poster has been released, and is available free from the webshop printed in A1 size (590 x 840mm ~ 18" x 24") and laminated, free whilst stocks last. (Actually for US$0.01).
These are free math posters and free maths posters - due to poster sponsorship by GIB plasterboard. Their staff member Lynda-Anne features in her marketing role with PPC internet advertising.
Math coverage is extensive (algebra, statistics and calculus) meaning there is something for every grade that comes through the math classroom - decimal division, linear equations, sequences and series, curve fitting with cubic equations, logarithmic equations, power curves, and differentiation for maximisation calculus.

Early mathematics teacher written feedback on this math poster includes "inspirational, engaging - great visually", and "attractive bright today person linked well to questions and graphs". Get your copy or copies here now:

12 Sept 08
Mathsoul My-Story Sam Sigma Notation Math Posters
Free Downloadable Sam Math Posters Maths Posters - Sigma Notation

Downloadable copies of the Mathsoul My-Story Sam Math Posters and Maths posters are now available i.e. Free math posters and Free maths posters.

This is a jpg file, with resolution suitable for use in data projector powerpoint presentations (i.e.for instance as free math backgrounds), or for printing in sizes suitable for use within free math borders on math bulletin boards.

July 2008  

Mathsoul My-Story Math Posters, have questions on most posters that are suitable for multiple grades - so that all students passing through a typical middle school math classroom or a high school math classroom will find at least one poster question that is 'doable' and at least one other that involves stretch.

So Mathsoul math posters are suited for classroom and classes of the following grades, and should be considered to be math posters for these grades as follows:

Middle School Math Posters:

6th Grade Math Posters Ages 11–12 Math Posters
7th Grade Math Posters Ages 12–13 Math Posters
8th Grade Math Posters Ages 13–14 Math Posters

High School Math Posters:

9th Grade Math Posters i.e. Freshman Math Posters Ages 14-15 Math Posters
10th Grade Math Posters i.e. Sophomore Math Posters Ages15-16 Math Posters
11th Grade Math Posters (Junior) Ages 16-17 Math Posters
12th Grade Math Posters (Senior) Ages 17–18 Math Posters
July 08
Mathsoul Starter-Set of 5 My-Story Math Posters

Mathsoul mathematics posters launched to global English language high schools, secondary schools, middle schools, home schools and college markets.

The initial range of Mathsoul My-Story maths posters is algebra, and tables & graphs centric. Ratio and percentage are also covered. The Starter-Set of 5 My-Story posters is available so posters can be purchased in bulk - 5 posters for the price of 4 posters.

Math posters additions to the range, over time, are planned, in no particular order, to cover;

  • math posters on number patterns and sequences and series
  • various development in the history of mathematics and the philosophy of mathematics math posters
  • fractals math posters and the mandelbrot functions
  • more on cartesian geometry, polyhedra, 2D & 3D shapes, angles and circles, polar notatoin, coordinates math posters
  • math posters on numeracy and mental arithmetic and calculation proficiency, times tables
  • mathematical modelling and statistics including curve fitting for linear, quadratic, cubic, power, logarithmic, piecewise, and other functions math posters
  • math posters on statistics including interpretation of data, time series, sampling data, bivariate data etc
  • probability, statistics normal function and confidence intervals math posters
  • math posters on mathematical design, transformations, Escher type diagrams
  • calculus, integration, differentiation, maximums, minimums, points of inflection math posters

If you have particular topic requests please contact Mathsoul Math Posters.


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