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Razi Competition - Mathsoul My-Story Math Posters / Maths Posters

Ensuring Competitive Behaviour is the Razi Mathsoul My-Story poster.  Razi is a competition lawyer. Razi free printable worksheet questions.


About Mathsoul Math Posters & Maths Posters, Free Printable Worksheets, Poster Discussion Forums, and Blog.

Mathsoul Mission; Improved Student Motivation

The mission of Mathsoul is to produce and provide affordable, yet highly professional resources, that help mathematics teachers to better engage and energize all school and college students in the learning of mathematics.

Image, Story and Emotional Connection

Mathsoul's My-Story Posters series use powerful images and life stories to effectively engage students' emotions, as well as their minds.

In this way each Mathsoul My-Story Poster helps to build connections between classroom mathematics, and mathematics as used beyond the classroom. Whether that be at work, home, for recreation, or in further study or in research.

Mathematics Classroom Posters, Printable Worksheets, Student Forums, and Blog

Students today value highly the visual and relational. And the age old mathematics student question of, 'Am I ever going to get to use this stuff?' simply does not go away. Mathsoul resources help teachers to answer this question well, using visual images and relationships both as content, and as methodology;

  • Mathsoul My-Story Posters provide visual and relational connections between classroom mathematics and the use of that mathematics by specific young adults in beyond the classroom ativities.
  • Mathsoul Free Printable Worksheets invite reflection, consideration and response from students. Each worksheet typically has three questions of increasing difficulty so that at least one question is accessible to most students ranging in age from around 13 to 17.
  • Mathsoul Student Forums for My-Story posters provide opportunity for students to explore specific mathematics topics and their application in a network of student colleagues that spans the globe.
  • Mathsoul Organisation / Community

    Mathsoul's resources are rich in image and relational content from beyond the classroom. The vision for these resources and how they can engage and energize came initially from David Brown, who has been involved with Mathematics education in one way after another, for over a 50 year lifetime.

    • Firstly as a student at school and university where he gained a BSc in Mathematics and and a Graduate Teaching Diploma.

    • Then as a school mathematics teacher (student ages 13 - 17),

    • Then in industry and the commercial world with marketing, strategy and management projects and assignments in Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Thailand, and the United States of America.

    • An MBA degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Ethics along the way ...,

    • Whilst simultanously being a parent of 3 teenagers as they travelled their own journeys of mathematics education and into life beyond their classrooms.

    Noticeable from David's personal experience outside the world of classroom mathematics education, and the expressed views of others, is that many people arriving in commerce and industry are not confident to use the mathematics that they have learned at school and college.

    It is often as if they seem to view classroom mathematics as somewhat artificial and not relevant to or useful for life beyond the classroom. Mathematics education research has described this phenomen in varoius papers - see for instance De Corte E, Verschafel L, and Greer, B*.

    Mathsoul resources are designed to help teachers communicate the very real mathematics connections between classroom mathematics and; life at work or home; further study or research; or recreation. Thereby helping teachers to maximise student understanding, motivation and learning, and improving teachers' satisfaction from the teaching of mathematics as a profession. Mathsoul posters do not directly seek to teach mathematics; rather to help students become better engaged and energized by better understanding the connections between classroom mathematics and their lives that will follow.

    David is assisted in Mathsoul by others, who have helped to shape and enhance the initial vision. These currently are principally Joanna, Chantelle, and Randy, with the team age range spaning from 17 to 56, and representing Canada, New Zealand and United States. Various long serving and experienced teachers assist, providing classroom pre-testing and ideas for ongoing enhancements. Input into this process from interested others is also very welcome, drop me an email to test this out.

    Professional graphic poster designs and images are used, as are high quality in house print-on-demand printing and laminating facilities. These along with a web based Ecommerce route to maket ensure that these high quality resources can reach teacher customers affordably.

    Ongoing Improvements

    Used some Mathsoul posters already in your classroom, and now you have ideas for poster range extensions, or improvements? These ideas are very welcome. And if you need something special for a Mathematics Week or Month, Careers Display, or a special Parents Open Day, or to celebtrate the achievement of a particular student, class or teacher - let me know and I will even try to move mountains to assist.


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* Reference: De Corte E, Verschafel L, and Greer, B 'Connecting Mathematics Problem Solving to the Real World'. This paper uses the unfortunate term real world for activities outside the classroom, whereas inside the classroom is really just as much the real world, as outside the classroom. First two authors are from the Centre for Instructional Psychology and Technology, University of Leuven, Belguim, and the third from the Centre for Research on Mathematics and Science Education, San Diego State University, U.S.A. (USA).