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Razi Competition - Mathsoul My-Story Math Posters / Maths Posters

Ensuring Competitive Behaviour is the Razi Mathsoul My-Story poster.  Razi is a competition lawyer. Razi free printable worksheet questions.


Shipping and Returns - Mathsoul Mathematics Posters (Math Posters & Maths Posters)

Poster Shipping Options, Countries, and Duration Times

Mathsoul Mathematics Poster Shop is open 24-7-365;

Your questions are answered and orders typically dispatched same or next day.

In addition to the download option for electronic poster files, the Mathsoul poster shop provides two different shipping methods for printed mathematics posters.

Shipment time varies by shipping method selected, as shown in the following table. Option B. Post Express is the recommended normal shipping option, being quite fast and economical.

International Shipping Method

All Electronic Download

B. Post Express

C. Courier

Target Delivery Working Days

Instand Download

3 - 10

2 - 6

In general deliveries using B. Post Express to the United States (USA) and to the UK are taking about a week to a week and a half.
Deliveries to New Zealand school addresses are taking between 2 and 5 work days in general.

Specific Country Notes - Shipping Mathsoul Posters

Countries Serviced

This Mathsoul posters shop will provide accurate shipping options and costs for customers with shipping addresses in at least the following specific countries (listed alphabetically);

Australia, American Samoa,
Canada, China, Cook Islands (Rarotonga),
Hong Kong,
Ireland, India,
Korea South,
Norfolk Island, Netherlands, Norway, Niue, New Zealand,
Papua New Guinea, Philippines,
Solomon Islands, Sweden, Singapore,
Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga,
UK, United States of America (USA), and
Western Samoa.

If your country is not included in this list shipping or freight rates will still be offered by the shop on checkout, using the rates for 'other' countires. If you would like specific freight rates to be added for your country please let me know at the Mathsoul page feedback link below.

Packing Mathsoul Posters in Poster Tubes

Mathsoul posters that are bigger than Personal Size (A4, Letter) are shipped in robust postal tubes. These tubes are large, with at least a 65mm internal diameter so that the posters do not need to be to remain overly tighly rolled in transit, and can be easily removed on arrival.

The Mathsoul tubes are fitted with friction fit plastic end caps, which are also taped in place.

Poster sizes Classroom Feature (A1 and ANSI D) ship in tubes 630mm or close to 25 inches in length, and Classroom Large (A0, ANSI E) ship in tubes up to 1050mm or 41.3 inches long. Shorter length tubes are used for Classroom Compact (A2, Ansi C, A3, ANSI B or Ledger) size Mathsoul posters.

A charge of US$4.90 per order is made for handling and supply of the quality poster tube(s), end caps, poster insertion and dispatch. The tube can be used for ongoing poster storgae when not in use on classroom walls.

The same US$4.90 charge per order for handling is made for orders that comprise one or more Personal Size posters only, with this charge covering the full shipping cost as well. No separate shipping charge is made for orders comprising only Personal size posters.


If you are not totally satisfied with your Mathsoul Posters please contact Mathsoul Posters in the first instance to discuss how matters can be put right.
Please be advised that if for some reason your posters fail to arrive that although replacement product may be sent immediately, a non-arival declaration witnessed by a senior school official will be needed for Mathsoul to activate a claim on their freight provider.

Does this 'shipping page' tell you all the packing and shipping information you were looking for?
If not, click here to send Mathsoul mathematics posters an email and we will respond to your query, and review the content of this page to see if it can be improved. Mathsoul Webmaster.

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