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Zina's Mathsoul Poster

Zina is a dynamic personal trainer, and needs to calculate a target Training Heart Rate for her new client Sally. To do this Zina uses the Karvonen formula, which is:

Training Heart Rate =
(Heart Rate Reserve x Intensity) + Resting Heart Rate.

* Heart Rate Reserve = Maximum Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate.
* Maximum Heart Rate = 220 - age (in years)
* For Intensity, Zina uses 0.65 for beginners. She

then moves clients on to between 0.70 and 0.80 to build their aerobic fitness.
Sally, is a beginner client, aged 33. Zina measures Sally's resting heat rate at 75 (beats per minute).

Zina Poster Questions

1. What Training Heart Rate does the Karvonen formula suggest Zina should set for Sally?
2. After taking your own resting heart rate, calculate your Training Heart Rate (a) if you are a beginner, (b) at intensity level 0.70, and (c) at intensity 0.80.
3. Show Karvonen formula results in a graph so as to reduce the time Zina spends doing calculations, and to make communication of Training Heart Rate levels a simple visual process with her clients.

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